Couldn't you tell? Uh....," says my wife when I call myself that, "What kind of trophy? Most improved? Last place? I think they read the wrong card at the Wife Academy Awards."


Our kids are awesome and I love being Dad to Gabe (19), Emma (13) and Ethan (7). When they were babies I stayed home with all of them. Those were great years that most Dads don't get to experience.


One of 7 Ingersoll siblings. Adam, Hope, Abe, and Isaac all live nearby in Iowa City. You've probably met one. We get our sense of humor from our Dad.


We are new to Iowa City. So far I have one really good friend - Jay. We coach basketball together. He wrote my name in for President. Millions of other people regret not doing so.


I haven't had many of these for awhile. Clients, yes. Customers, yes. But my business partners and I run lean operations. Those are back in Philly though, so I'm missing being a part of a community.


My nieces and nephews call me "Uncle T-Rex." I do a bizarre T-Rex/Human mutant imitation and have a blowup T-Rex costume. It's stumpy arms and a waddling butt crack people up. For T-Rex, #thestruggleisreal