The Teach & Retire program has helped over 1,076 public school employees with their pension and retirement benefits. We can meet with you - privately - at your school on your break, lunchtime, after school, or even at your home. Our volunteers can answer your questions, help you with paperwork and avoid risky, high fee retirement plans. Thank you for helping our children.

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NEW RETIREMENT BONUS - A company approved by your district is now offering a retirement Bonus of 8-10% on new money put into a 403(b). This bonus is added to your account from day 1 and up to 7 years. This special account has ZERO stock market risk and ZERO fees. Schedule a private educational appointment with Steve at your school ASAP here. A 30 minute appointment could provide you $10,000 extra.



The Teach & Retire Program is sponsored by IvyWest Financial, a firm focusing on Retirement Income Planning which includes tax minimization, life insurance, 401(k) analysis, and estate planning under the direction of Frank DeLuccia who has served families as a CPA for over 27 years. The program was created by firm owner Sam Ingersoll (see family photo) and Steve Carter, Director of Research and Analysis, who has been helping school employees and their families for over 35 years.

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Many salesmen who come into schools only do large group meetings at lunch. Administrative staff often have to field incoming phone calls, reserve space and pass out flyers. Representatives push products.

We are different.

Our on-on-one meetings are private and conveniently held throughout the day around your schedule. We send emails directly to staff and use an easy online scheduling system for appointments and reminders. 87% of the time we simply answer questions or help staff with paperwork. 13% of the time we get into more complex discussions of retirement options.

Program Details


Right now, Steve is working with school staff at the Trenton, Camden, Winslow and Pine Valley School Districts in New Jersey.

The pilot program in NJ has been so successful, we are expanding into Pennsylvania, Florida, California, and a few other states. Contact Steve Carter immediately if you are interested in your school district participating in the program.

If you are a CPA, CFP, Financial Planner, Insurance or Investment Advisor with high ethical standards who wants to help up to 8 teachers per day with their retirement issues including 403(b) planning, contact Sam Ingersoll.

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